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Monday, 19 February 2018

Simi, Ric Hassani: Why Nigerian musicians sing about love

Simi and rapper, Falz, made music fit for the heavens on the "Chemistry" joint album.

You can see it in in your playlist. Much of the music that comes into your life from Nigeria, by Nigerian artists, explore the relationship between a man and a woman, much of it hinged by love.

Do a random check, run through your playlist and analyse the themes of what you have in there. You will discover that much of what you have is based on love. That theme runs through the almost every record that becomes hits. It’s like the predominant theme of Nigeria and Africa. Irrespective of genre, from pop to alternative, love is the central unifier of all genres in this country.

But why do Nigerian musicians make love songs? What is it about that subject that attracts so many people? Why do the best and worst artist get drawn into expressing love and all its attendant feelings and scenarios?

“I’m very inspired by love, by everything, but mostly Love. I grew up listening to a lot of love songs,” says Ric Hassani tells Daily Trust in an interview. The singer released his debut album, “The African Gentleman,” in 2017, and it was driven by love.


Like he says, love is such a huge inspiration. It is because it is a theme that we all understand. Mankind is designed to be ‘love’ creatures, giving, seeking, receiving and agonising over it. It’s the one thing that we all can agree to have knowledge of, irrespective of whether we have tasted it or not. It is an integral part of our humanity.

That’s why it’s such easy fodder for songwriting. We all have an idea about it, having experienced it, or lacked it. Turning that into music isn’t the hardest thing on the planet. It is the reason why many people are drawn to it as the theme of their art. Whether love gained or lost, it can be commoditized into an emotional record that we can all connect to.

The ubiquity of it creates a unifying personal concept that everyone shares. That resonating factor is what drives the marketing decision by musicians to make it. Love sells records, so why not cash in on it?

“It is because love sells,” says Simi in an interview with Vanguard. She’s built her entire successful career on the creation and selling of love songs, and commercialization is one of her core drivers for making her brand of music.

“When you talk about love, it encompasses so many things. Not women or sex alone, but issues that are love related that could keep you happy. I can’t see myself doing a song that is too political or not love-related. It’s always good to carve a niche and spread it to other related issues without deviating,” Simi says.


Simi and Ric Hassani encapsulate why Nigerian musicians sing about. We all are connected by it, which creates an opportunity for sales and more. Love is the highest level of vibration. And by tapping into that, we all tap into something that is higher and more binding than every other subject matter.

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