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Monday, 19 February 2018

God Have Mercy! Church of England minister who loves prostitutes caught sniffing cocaine

The Reverend Stennett Kirby captured sniffing cocaine in a church-owned residence.

The Reverend allegedly had a discussion with a company who engaged him in a chat over prostitutes and drugs.

The Reverend Stennett Kirby of the Church of England, has been captured in an image sniffing cocaine and expressing a preference for prostitutes over nurturing a relationship, in a conversation with company.

According to the Sun UK News, the clergyman aged 64, was caught in the act at his church-owned residence worth a sum of £1.5million.

In the property belonging to the Diocese of Chelmsford, Kirby was seen smoking a wrap of the Class A hard drug.

“I’m a very happy man,” the minister told his company after inhaling from a crack pipe.


Reports revealed that the subject also watched porn and engaged in a discussion about acquiring some escorts on a trip to Soho, a location in the West End of London.

“You’re happy now, innit?,” his company asks.

“I’m a very happy man. I love it.

“It f***ing turns me on when I have this and I watch that,” Kirby who is believed to be watching porn at this time responds.

In a footage obtained by the Sun UK News on Sunday, February 18, 2018, Kirby who is the vicar of West Ham Parish Church was quoted revealing a desire to visit sex shops once he is able to embark on a dinner outing with a friend in Soho.

The conversation suggests that the priest has an intense interest in sexual immorality.

He was revealed as one who wears an air of excitement when it concerns consumption of drugs and obscenity, a personality considered strange for a man in his position.

“I’m going to Soho with my mate for dinner. I’m going to sex shops to get some poppers,” the Reverend says while discussing an imminent plan.

An associate minister at the West Ham Parish church, the Reverend Stephen Chandler broke the news concerning allegations against Kirby during a worship service. He assured the embattled priest of his support.

"By now many of you may have heard of an article which has appeared online today concerning your vicar, the Revd Stennett Kirby.

"I am trying to support Stennett pastorally at this demanding time for him and he is very much in my prayers and Bishop Stephen’s [of Chelmsford], as are you all here at All Saints.

"The article contains serious allegations with regard to drug taking and other matters of an ethical nature," Chandler told a congregation.

Meet 'Juju' pastor who cures cancer by sucking women's breasts

In Africa where various religion hold the hearts of the people, church related scandals are quite common.

The police in Lagos have arrested a clergyman, Raphael Obi, also known as Pastor Sharp Sharp who reportedly cures cancer by sucking hard on a woman's breast.

A report claims that the man of God has cured "killer diseases" by simply licking the female organ. He expressed this during an interrogation conducted by policemen from the Area M Command located in Idimu.

"The police at Area M Command, Idimu, Alimosho local government area of Lagos State, arrested Obi for alleged gross misconduct, sucking of breasts and engaging victims in marathon sex in the guise of deliverance," a report by a local media disclosed.

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More reports revealed that some charms attached to baby dolls were discovered at the suspect's residence.

The police have acquired these are expected to present this as an evidence of misconduct against Obi.

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