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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The best cheap Samsung Galaxy S7 deals in the US for November 2017

Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge may have made the Galaxy S7 look a little plain, but it  could still perform like a flagship phone. And though it may be getting a bit older now, its price is also getting lower.

However, if you intend to buy a new phone from your carrier, you should really reconsider. Right now, carriers aren't offering very good deals on the Galaxy S7. In fact, most of the major carriers are charging more for a new Galaxy S7 than Amazon is charging for a new Galaxy S8

If you want a Galaxy S7 at a low price, consider looking for a refurbished Galaxy S7.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on Verizon

While a new Samsung Galaxy S7 is cheaper on Verizon right now than it was when it first launched, it's not the best deal. 

It was originally $672, and has come down to $576. If you opt for a monthly installment plan, you can pay just $24 a month for this phone.

However, considering the full price tag of the Galaxy S7 with Verizon is $576, Amazon's insane deal on the newer and more powerful Galaxy S8 for $574 unlocked should make the decision for you. If you really want a great Android experience, save yourself an extra $2 and get the Galaxy S8 instead.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on AT&T

AT&T isn't offering any better deals on the Galaxy S7. In fact, for AT&T customers, the deal is even worse.

AT&T offers the Galaxy S7 for $594 upfront or for a 30-month installment plan of $19.84 a month. But once again, the $574 unlocked Galaxy S8 is a better deal, by far, than what AT&T is offering for a new Galaxy S7. 

You can save $20 by buying the Galaxy S8 on Amazon, and bring the newer, more powerful, all-around better phone to AT&T.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on T-Mobile

T-Mobile actually has a proper deal on the Galaxy S7. The price has come down from when it was launched, with T-Mobile charging just $480 for the phone.

For customers with "awesome credit" this can mean just $20 monthly payments over 24 months. It's definitely more affordable than it once was. If you want to snag this phone new with minimal upfront costs, T-Mobile is the way to go.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 deals on Sprint

Like most of the other carriers on this list, Sprint also is charging way too much for the Galaxy S7. It has a total price of $594 for a new Galaxy S7.

While Sprint does offer the device on an installment plan for $24 a month, that plan is a lease that will still require you to pay the remaining value of the device after 18 months in order to keep it.

Once again, we recommend looking at Amazon's killed deal on the newer Galaxy S8 for $574 if you want to get a great Android experience at a reduced price.

More great Samsung Galaxy S7 deals

You don't have to look closely to see that carriers have pretty bad deals on a new Galaxy S7. If you want to snag one at a low price, check out cheap refurbished Galaxy S7 units on Amazon.

Budget carriers in the US may also have discounts on the Galaxy S7, so look below to see if there's one that catches your eye.

SOURCE - TECH RADAR posted by Campus94

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