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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Pulse Opinion: 3 ways technology is destroying relationships

Friends chatting away glued to their device screens.

As much as technology has helped tremendously build and nurture relationships, it's also a tool for severing otherwise healthy connections.

So technology has been a blessing to our generation without a shred of doubt, I mean thankfully for example, you don’t have to enter a bus for 9 hours to Abuja from Lagos just to say hi to daddy, because with your phone and some call credit, you are good to go.

However, technology is more like the biblical two-edged sword bringing with it curses and unpleasant circumstances for those who get roped into it.

These are some instances I have seen good ol’ technology causing strains on different kinds of relationships.


The internet, a product of technology has made available to anyone with data access to view all forms of adult content. A number of sites host these images and videos for their audience’s viewing pleasure.


First, I come from the spiritual angle with this one. Watching others get into unlawful and immoral sexual acts will tend to put a barrier between you and God if the habit is not dropped.

Second, looking at it in the marriage context, a married man for example, that’s got lost in the world of pornography would tend to form a connection with those images and personalities, and alienate him from his wife. He may soon see that he doesn’t find pleasure with his wife without the help of some stimulation brought about from watching pornography.


Social interactions

At social functions where friends and potential friends gather, people tend to get lost and buried in their phones liking pictures on Instagram and what not.

This habit which could be described as anti-social may deny this said person opportunities to make new friends, business partners and just about anything else. It requires intentional practice to let go of the phone when in a social interactive gathering.


Even amongst family when at home, the gadgets seem to have taken first place for communication and conversation between husband and wife, parents and children, amongst children, be it for bants or entertainment. It really should be ‘’Family first before technology’’.


Why there are good case studies which technology via social media and the internet started  relationships which have blossomed into promising relationships and marriages, there are cases where social media breeds needless envy, amongst couples dating.

The era of likes and comments are seen by some jealous boyfriends and girlfriends as threatening and sometimes leads to bitter breakups. While some may be seen as petty, others could actually be justifiable grounds for a breakup between the parties.

Also some spend the whole part of their ‘relationship’ dating phase on Facebook, Twitter and Tinder without actually getting to see each other physically. Some may actually go a bit further with video calling - Cool! But that still can’t beat physical meetup where possible.

It goes as far as some validating their relationships on social media, such as with the ‘’Facebook status” feature, which in itself is not a bad thing but it’s since been abused and really should not be taken too seriously as a tool for knowing a person’s relationship status, because half the time it could ruins relationships between two people that happen to be getting to know each other as a result of insecurities and emotional excessiveness.

It will take some gradual intentional and conscious adjustment to overcome this hold technology has on the world.

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SOURCE - PULSE.NG posted by Campus94

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