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Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Twas like every November before it, 

But this one came with an air of uncertainty,

For the drums of celebrations had halted in may.

When Owen celebrated his second birthday.

Fate was finally smiling at Evbareke

Those around her had thought, 

For indeed she, the child whose mother 

abandoned just nine months after her birth. 

And left in the care of her sick father,

Aged grand mother,

And family members who cared less 

For her existence.

She had grown to become a beautiful girl, 

Whose nature was fair,

 Like the back of a ripe alimo fruit

Which falls bountifully in the Month of March. 

She, the girl whose childhood 

Was characterize by total neglect and

Destitution had out of nothing found favour, 

In the eyes of a decorated soja man.

Fast forward to 1989.

Her civil servant father died of an eerie

Circumstance; a live fish was removed 

From his stomach.

Her life gained some sanity when

The soja man married her, immediately after her

Father's burial. He had promised to stay with her 

forever and make her happy.

But bad dreams also do come to pass. 

Oga soja had a first wife at home,who 

discontinued child birth after two children.

Her every action brought doom

To every one that crossed her path.

Fast forward to August 93,

The pressure from oga soja's first wife 

Became unbearable, but oga soja in his kind 

nature, comforted her.After all, she has given him 

Three boys with another one on the way.

Death would strike again 

But this time it came in form of a mere cold.

A cold that started on a very hot afternoon 

All means and measures to quell the cold were abortive. 

So death was inevitable, 

It came that morning when oga soja told her to 

forgive him because he had worsen her plight.

"Look after our children" were his last words. 

That November she was told to marry his 

Younger brother, so the family will take

Care of her and her children, 

She refused and decided to go her way 

And raise her children all by herself. 

Do not take it too seriously 

Life will happen to her and her children,

Who defied all odds to live a good life.

And when she is asked what her 

Biggest regret in life is

she would say November 1993.

Godwin Henry Osaigbovo (Pa Shakespeare) 

For      P S F


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