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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Review: Air Peace

Air Peace

I also tried to get through to their Lagos office to report the issue, but the numbers on the website were not reachable.

Experience, we've been told, is the best teacher. And you would agree with me that it takes a one with experience to tell it better. I have not been privileged to fly with Air Peace; however, there is over a thousand feedback from those with first-hand experience.

Here are some customer's reactions from Air Peace Facebook page

Ugo Nwude reviewed Air Peace — 1 star

April 27 ·

I booked a flight on the 9th of May 2016 for my wife and me on Air Peace for a return trip to Owerri from Abuja, Booking reference number is 1E1Y3T.

The said trip was scheduled for the 24th of June 2016 to return on the 26th of the same month, my wife is not based in Nigeria and arrived in the country on the 23rd of June for the trip.

On getting to the check-in stand we were told that my wife could not board the flight as her ticket had already been used for a trip from Abuja to Lagos on the 3rd of June.

We tried to explain that my wife wasn't in the country and that wasn't the route we booked our ticket for, so the information from the airline could not be correct.


On further inquiry by us, as we were able to get a glimpse of the Airlines system, we discovered that the ticket booking had been tampered with by Idris Adamu Usman and Chika Njoku (both assumed to be staffs of Air Peace).

The Air peace supervisor, Pius (we could not get his surname but were able to obtain his phone no. 08023578309), was called in to assist with the issue who further brought in the customer service supervisor Kalchollom N. and we showed them my wife's international passport carrying the date that she left the country on the 28th of March 2016 and date of arrival on the 23rd of June 2016 which should have debunked the claim that my wife used the ticket on the 3rd of June, but my wife was still denied boarding and no further action was taken by the airline staff to investigate our claims so we had to find an alternative flight on another airline for the following day at an additional cost.

I also tried to get through to their Lagos office to report the issue, but the numbers on the website were not reachable.

I have laid a formal complaint since the incident happened but I have not gotten any response from Air peace

Elohor Annabel Foleh reviewed Air Peace — 1 star

March 2 ·

Air Peace is the worse airline I have ever patronized and I am coming after you guys legally. You cancelled my flight in December and up till now, you haven't refunded my money.

Your customer care lines should be removed from your website since you guys never take customers call all the lines over 10 lines and you never take your calls. You never respond to emails as well.

I have dropped an email again today for you guys and you have till Monday to refund my money because I will prosecute you and these aren't empty threats. #mostunprofessionalairline##Bad management##Bad customer service#

Chinenye Umeasiegbu-Amadi reviewed Air Peace — 1 star

May 18 ·

I used to love flying with Air Peace airline. I guess because we have very few options in Nigeria, till March 2017 that I bought a ticket and the airline cancelled my flight.

To my dismay they said it will take 4 good weeks for me to get my hard earned money back in this recession and guess what this happened on 29 March till today May 18, I have not gotten my money back and the money is even less than 50k so if the airline has FAILED to pay this amount, how can they pay if it's a bigger amount.

 I have comfortably gotten a refund for a ticket that I didn't use on British Airways and that's what credibility is all about. I am looking for an alternative airline now.

Mschewwwww. But that doesn't mean that I will leave my 1naira with you guys.

Olamilekan Oni reviewed Air Peace — 1 star

March 24 ·

This is the worst experience I've had with any Nigerian airline; I've been in the airport (mm1) since 5:30 pm today, now its 7:pm and yet my equipment I checked in and identified before boarding their airline flight 4P7173 from Benin to Lagos is yet to be found.

Not even a simply empathy from their staffs in Lagos, over the phone you can hear their colleagues laughing like its none of their business.

Its just unfortunate that the servicom guys are closed for the day because this is totally unacceptable.

Thonia Slim Antia reviewed Air Peace — 1 star

April 23 ·

I always held your services in high esteem until today! A flight scheduled for 6 pm, didn't leave till about 10:45 pm at night! Despite arriving late, we still waited for over 30mins to get our luggage!

Imagine me making it home at 1 am when my Estate gate closes at 12 am thereby endangering my life!

I'm highly disappointed and will not be flying you again since you've joined your senior brother Arik in putting your customers' lives at risk!

Onyinye Chidiebere-Nwokeocha reviewed Air Peace — 1 star

April 3 ·

I have been trying to get a refund from this airline for two months! it took seconds for money to leave my account but to get it back is taking forever!

And their customer service is crap! First, you are on the phone forever, and then the call quality, when they pick, is the worst I have ever experienced! I would rate them zero is I could!

Nneka Chris-Asoluka reviewed Air Peace — 3 star

April 21 ·

AIR PEACE! AIR PEACE! AIR PEACE! How many times did I call you?

How can you be this heartless? Flight of 4.30 pm(Owerri to Lagos)moved to 7.09 pm according to your ETA and we believed you and waited! Lo and behold, at 7.05 pm, you

announced flight cancellation and no arrangement for your stranded passengers! Me inclusive! No explanation, no apologies! To thy tents oh Israel!

It can only happen in my Country! Your management sucks right now, you have fallen low

Fubara Allison reviewed Air Peace — 1 star

October 26, 2016, ·

Your Customer Care Service is the poorest in Aviation History in Nigeria. I don't understand why you have many lines and no one picks the Calls.

How can a customer in need of making an urgent amendment to flight schedule call the Airlines's phone numbers and it rings and rings and no one answers or return the calls?

This is bad for business and if it continues Air Peace will suffer the fate of others before it. The Customer care section is in need of a complete overhaul

Tokunbo Sasha Olukunle reviewed Air Peace — 1 star

April 19 ·

Is it the same people that own peace mass that own air peace... because they are running this airline worse than a road transport service....


Egiyi Jideofor Ejoor reviewed Air Peace — 3 star

May 14 ·

To serve the general public is not always easy. I have never experienced any problem with Air peace Flights. I still advise the company to look into the complaints of their customers. I always recommend Air Peace.


Overall thought on Air Peace

From the above reactions, it is obvious that customers are not pleased with Air Peace’s code of conduct.

  1. The customer care service should be re-structured. 

  2. Refunds should be promptly made to build trust and reliability.

  3. Cordiality between management and customers should be established.

  4. Reasons for delays or flight cancellation should be made known to customers. And alternative arrangement should be made.

  5. It is true that to serve the general public is not always easy; however, Air Peace should see to it that improvement is made to curb the complaints of customers.

I rate Air Peace 5/10. Customers are complaining and it is not a good thing.

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