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Thursday, 30 March 2017

you need to make that fashion statement

Making a fashion statement is simply having a style of dressing that you can be identified  with. It could also mean dressing to make an impression  about you. One  thing that helps people make their  fashion statement is accessories.

    Accessories could be bags, shoes, Jewelery, sneakers,  and so on. It is also known as blings or bling-bling (by Nigerians tho).

Shoes : they surely do create  an Impression

                      Sneakers  give you the sporty feel , personally, shakers make me feel cool. I get all bouncy when I put on these kicks. 

Classy, hot  and elegant, that's how I feel. 

If I see a guy wearing this, I'd think he is a boss or one rich don. 

Bands,earing, rings and watches 

Things like these tend to elevate your status. 

Bags also help you  to achieve the look  you planned be it backpacks or purses  or clutch. 


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