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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Happy birthday Collins Adolphus!!

Okay guys, just to inform you all, today is my younger brother's birthday.

He can be a little annoying and overbearing some times but I love him still. He's one of the closest persons to me perhaps the closest of all the human beings in my life. My partner in crime. He's one of my biggest fan, supporter and motivators. Together, we have battled through alot of B.S thus far, from being the only two kids of a tough military father, through the separation, through the bullies, through tough-as-nails Aunts and uncles, to step mums and dads. We have been kicking ass together and like I promised you bro, we are going to change world, private jets & all that rich people stuff? Mtphew!😕 We'll have all that & more.  Bruh! I love you to death. You know say I for like buy you car on this birthday of yours but, in this Buhari Economy, the Lord is still our muscle and he strengthens us through his riches and glory. 😁 maybe next year Bruh. 

On behalf of the entire Campus94 family, I want to wish you a happy birthday bro! May God's blessings and favor overwhelm you. I pray the Lord grants you longer life, remarkable health, and plenty money 💗✊👍✌😉

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