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Monday, 31 October 2016

A Close Encounter : The Uniben Story

 It has been a rocky and very hectic resumption for the students of Ekehuan campus, University of Benin as a lot of different hazardous occurrences has plagued the student community which has made for interesting experiences  to its subjects.

Resumption is something students look forward to, especially the students of the University of Benin after embarking on an unsolicited 3 months break. When leaving home we get to hear our family and loved ones tell us "Safe Trip" but this was not the case for some students who encountered near death experiences:

Scholastica Njoku

She is the current vice president of the faculty of arts students association (FASA) University of Benin and was recognized as one of the most beautiful girls in 100level 2014/2015 (click here for full list) and also a very dear friend of mine. She was on her way back to school and  was involved in a very serious car accident which caused the bus she was in to tumble into a ditch, she managed to escape narrowly through the window of the bus before it was caught up in flames. 
 Though she is fine and scarcely injured, she has developed a serious phobia for traveling. This may take some serious therapeutic sessions to get her back to being comfortable traveling via roads (God help her) 

Jake Ogbonaya

Jake is undoubtedly one of ek city's most talented footballers and sportsman. He has been a crucial contribution to the macsa football team and also no one can easily forget the two free kicks he helped his team net, in winning the all mass comm games (AMAGA). He was also involved in an accident that resulted in his hospitalization. It sounded funny and ironical when I heard, of all the places to have been injured, his major injury was on his valued football foot, the same foot that was used to score the goals (Hmm... I smell bad belle here [continually gently hitting my lips with my hands while making gesting sounds; wowoooowooowo] for all you people that wanted to sabotage our chances of retaining the deans cup this session, your plans  have failed ,
Jake is well and will play and score more goals). Jake is back on his feet and alive (we thank God) but I'm sure he wouldn't forget his experience in a hurry. 

Larry Styles 

Larry who is the CEO of Campus94, arguably one of the best blogs in Uniben, also the creator of one of the most popular messaging app in Uniben, 'Uniben Village' and currently working on a 'Kick Ass'  youth online radio station scheduled to launch sometime November (Ahan.. jack of all trades, weldone), also the recipient of the macsa 'Enterprenuer of the Year award' (I give up on this guy). In his own case he was back in school already settled and decided to go see some of his relatives around Benin but on his way back was involved in an accident as his cab driver while trying to swerve out of the way to allow an entourage  drive past them, and due to the distraction from the very loud sirens and the aggressive driving from the entourage behind him, his cab driver lost control of the car and crashed right into a stationed bus by the road side.

The interesting thing is the entourage didn't stop to check on them and just drove past like nothing happened (na wa o). The good news is he got out unhurt, though he was already a little scared of going out after what happened to scholastica and Jake, according to him "I felt relieved that what I was scared of came to pass and I wasn't hurt"  (thank God bros didn't die, I'm waiting for your next project, november). 

Hmm...these experience is enough to give students chills. Neither traveling or taking a cab to go see a friend is exempted from being involved in an accident that could claim lives. God knows I'm extremely grateful for the safety of my life and that of my friends. I will love to still party and drink with them years from now and celebrate our success in different fields of our lives. I encourage students and the general public to be careful either on a long journey or to see a friend. It only takes a blink of an eye to be caught up in a fatal accident which may or may not be fully the fault of the vehicle you are in. So in other words stay safe.

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