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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Rain in summer meets Anaka Mmesona

KHEYI, one of campus94  correspondence, had a chat with Jah face d last time, and now I met d Boss lady Herself, in person of ANAKA MMESOMA, AUTHOR RAIN IN SUMMER, A very young female writer who is making waves in d writing industry, here is what she has to say...

Can we meet you?

I'm Mmesoma Anaka. A young budding literary artist
The only girl in her family

Tell us more about ur career

I've actually been writing since 7. Rain in summer is actually my first published book

"Ur first published book" meaning u have others u did not publish?

Yes. I still have more which are yet to be published

Cool.....what was ur parent reaction realizing the fact that u want to b a writer

My dad is late. So it's just my mum.  She's has actually been very supportive but she wants me to have a degree first then writing would be like my part time work

So, what do u want to study in d university?

Pharmacy by God's special grace

Nice, m sure u have people u look up to in writing, ur. Mentors???

Yes.. The likes of David Anaka(my elder brother) , Chimamanda Ngozi Adichei and internationally Nora Roberts

Wow, how do u see d writing industry in Nigeria in years to come

I believe it would grow..  Even to beat the entertainment industry.  Gods willing

Amen..tell campus94 about ur book RAIN IN SUMMER
Okay. Rain in summer is a book that addresses gender equality.

Ok, what was d inspiration

What inspired me was I show I was watching sometime last year and they were like females are meant for the kitchen alone. It's not supposed to be like that. We are also meant to be educated.  So I started writing about it, just to let the world know we are all equal

Wow, very intelligent,
How has d reception been from d general audience

They've been quite encouraging

Cool, so where can d general public get this book, ?

It's in few bookshop now. Or you can log into www.heartofdave.com to place your orders

What r ur hobbies

Writing, vacation with family,

Nice , so whats ur driving force in d writing industry

It's just God

Awwwwwwn, so cute
I won't ask u whether u r in a relationship, coz under d Nigerian law, u r a minor😂😂😂, now who is ur celebrity crush??

Laughs* uhm I would say Jennifer Anniston

So what word do u have for young talented writers and ur fans at large

Go after success, thats your destiny. Be,a risk taker dont be afraid to fail , problems are guidelines not stop sign and most importantly put God first

Yh....on social media, how can ur fans relate with u?

Facebook : Anaka Mmesoma

So r we expecting something new from mmesoma

Yes. Definitely

M sure there r people that have been behind through all through ur pursuit, give a shout out to some of them

To my one and only best friend. My momma.  My #wce.. I love you mom. My brothers they are the best and too all my friends.  I love you all

Awwwwn....campus94 gives a shout out to your mum too..
Ansd its a wrap, it was fun chatting with d BOSS LADY herself as I always call her, its still ur boy, d king of talk himself, KHEYI, thanks for being with us, we rally appreciate, and know say u will make it,..

I still remain ur Host KHEYI AKA KING OF TALK K.O.T
IG @Kheyi_
Facebook isichei khunkeyi
Twitter @kheyiunibenfm

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Thanks ....

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