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Friday, 10 June 2016

Campus94 meets the talented CARA-LEE!

Hi there!

It's been a while we at campus94 brought you one of our signature "campus94 meets" interviews. Well for those of you who don't already know about "Campus94 Meets" it's simply a platform campus94 offers to better help up and coming artiste on campus meet YOU, our wonderful readers.

  On this edition of Campus94 meets, we get to interview a very talented young lady who goes by the name Cara-lee. She's an up and coming singer/song writer and is responsible for dropping some wonderful songs like "Whatch  Wan Do " and "BABY".
 She has built up quite a following as she was recently nominated for the UNIBEN MR AND MISS EKEHUAN PAGEANTRY AWARDS for the category of "BEST ARTISTE ON CAMPUS".In light of a these,  Campus94 had chat with her recently, please do enjoy.

Campus94 : Can we meet you ?

Cara Lee :  My name is  Ita Unyime  Archibong (cara)and my stage name is cara lee.

Campus94 : Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Cara Lee : I'm from a family of five including parent , I attended st .Michaels, Laurels  Academy egbeda Lagos for my secondary school and I'm in 200level Mass communication at the university of Benin.My mum is a hair stylist and my dad works at Friesland Campina WAMCO PLC.

Campus94 :  What made you go into music?

Cara Lee  : I'm from a family of singers, started rapping at the age of 6 with my brother and I stopped raping as i advanced in age. At 10 I started singing  in secondary school. I later joined three different music groups. I always saw myself as a solo artiste and when I got to Uniben I didn't want to start singing but Waye,Benova and Vanessa who was my room mate Inspired me to start singing and then I decided to produce my first song "Wacthu Wanna Do " which  was produced by Esbee and I was persuaded by my friends to release the song .

Campus94. : How was the response to the song ?

Care Lee :  It was a positive response (lool) it was crazy didn't expect it .

Campus94:  What's your source of  Inspiration when writing your songs ?

Cara Lee : So many things inspire me ,get inspiration from romance ,download songs, freestyle and friends . I get inspired by everything basically.
Campus94 : You released a second  song called "Baby " can you tell us about the song ?

Cara Lee : I composed "Baby"  at my dinning table while having dinner and I gave it to my sister to listen to and she loved it I also gave my friends to listen to it and they liked it and pressured me into releasing it because I didn't plan on releasing it .When the song was out some people said I sounded like Cynthia Morgan which was funny . " Baby" turned out to be my favourite song .

Campus94. : Are you working on anything new?

Cara Lee  : Yes!!! I'm working on a new song titled "fucked up" its about being in a toxic relationship  that you know its going to crumble but you want to stay and also leave . It was produced by Dini

Campus94:   Who do you really want to work with?

Cara Lee : I would really love to work with Waye . She is an amazing artist

Campus94. So are you in any relationship?

Cara Lee : Nah ..I'm single .

Campus94 :  In your opinion who are the top 5 finnest girls on campus ?

Cara Lee :  Joan (100l THR)
                   Sisan  (400l  THR)
                    Nora   (300l)
                  Veno.  (100l Mass comm)
                Shola.  ( 200l Mass comm)

Campus94:  Who are your favourite artiste?

Cara lee. :  Chris brown, Esbee, Steven Tones, Flavour, Rihanna

Campus94 : Are you on any social network?

Cara Lee :: Definitely!!! Fb:  Vocal cara most
                                         IG : Bosseth _Lee

Campus94:  What's your advice to those that want to be like you

Cara lee: Peeps who want to be like me should be themselves and understand that they can't be like anyone else so they should work hard love God and give their best.

Campus94: Thanks for your time

Caralee  : you are welcome

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