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Friday, 24 June 2016

Campus94 Meets Afes Mike

Hi there

It's time for another campus94 meets!
Campus94 gets to meet with exceptional students who are already doing great in their field while still in school.

This week campus94 catches up with an up and coming actor who has featured in a lot of soap operas including the award winning Tinsel, sparkles and is currently staring in the ongoing super story series. He was also nominated by AMAA as the "Most promising actor of the year".

Ladies and gentlemen...

We give you Mr Afes Mike!

Campus94: Mr Afes Mike, Let's meet you, start with your name

Afes Mike: well my name is Afeghide Micheal aka Afes mike. I'm from a family of 9 (8 boys and a girl), I'm the 8th child. My dad is a Nigerian and my Mum's a Liberian. I'm currently a student of the university of Benin, edo state, studying theater and performing arts. Before now, I attended and graduated from Pefti film institute where I studied screen acting.

Campus94: so what is it you do?

Afes Mike:  I'm an actor, Model and script writer. Starred and written majorly for soap operas. I also wrote the script for the soap opera "Sparkles".

Campus94: how do you cope with being an actor and a student at the same time?

Afes Mike: well, I travel a lot during my academic semester especially when I was staring in movies like Itohan, sparkles and tinsel. It's not easy but I try to study hard to keep my grades high while also trying to build my career in the movie industry. I have a manager, Mr Lekan Ayinde, who gives me good advice and helps properly manage my career. He advices that I chill and focus on school while taken on just soap operas, because staring in a movie right now will be too time consuming which can affect my academics.

Campus94: what is your motivation? Who or what inspired you to go into acting and stay in acting?

Afes Mike:  my biggest motivator right now would be my Elder brother. He's being very supportive of my dreams to become an actor and was responsible for convincing me to enroll in PEFTI INSTITUTE, which served as an eye opener for me and provided me with exposure. As for what motivated me to go into acting, it all started way back in primary school, when I starred as the lead character in an Ariel commercial. I got so popular in school, I was even nicknamed "Ariel boy" and I liked the attention I got, it made feel good and so I decided to go into acting as a profession.

Campus94: so Mr Mike, tell us, is there a special someone in your life? Are you in a relationship?

Afes Mike: (blushes) yes, I am.

Campus94: so tell us, what projects are u currently working on right now?

Afes Mike:  well I just finished shooting a soap, titled "El Dominion, models' dream" and it should be airing by the end of this month.
 I'm also staring in the ongoing super story series titled "the other side" and is currently being aired across stations Nationwide.

Campus94: so tell us, how's the pay? Is it good?

Afes Mike: LOL. Well it's okay.

Campus94: so what are your plans for the future? What's next for Afes Mike?

Afes Mike:  Presently, I'm putting off every other job right now so I can fully focus on my final semester in school as it's very demanding, but I plan to attend the New York Film Academy immediately I'm done with school.

Campus94: alright Afes Mike, just before we let you go, let's hit you with some random questions real quick. Ready?

Afes Mike: yeah, okay.

Campus94: what's your favorite food,

Afes Mike: plantain, anything made with plantain.

Campus94: movie stars you look up to, locally and internationally.

Afes Mike: Locally, Mercy Johnson, internationally, Anne Hathaway and Leonardo DiCaprio

Campus94: most challenging role so far

Afes Mike: Played a character know as Obi in the super story series.

Campus94: best production you've enjoyed doing?

Afes Mike: Tinsel. I enjoyed the casts' and crews' hospitality.

Campus94: dream movie role

Afes Mike: I would like to play a ghetto boy role.

Campus94: celebrities you've really enjoyed working with?

Afes Mike: Damilola Adebite(celebrity crush), and Ameachi Monagor

Campus94: so how can your fans connect with you?

Afes Mike:  well they can follow me on Instagram @Afesmike and also send me a friend request on Facebook via Afes Mike.

 Campus94: thank you very much for your time Mr Afes Mike.

Afes Mike:  your welcome, and thank you very much for having me.


  1. Nice one Milky, way to go
    A better you I pray
    Love you always big bro

  2. My Ariel boy, an etherial being i love so much! Top actor, handsome lad, with kind and beautiful friends! I think I am his biggest fan in Greece, perhaps in all of Europe, and i pray God to grant soon to my elder ebony bro Mihali (Michael) the chance to study in the New York Film Academy, marry soon, have at least 10 handsome children, and allow me to be the godfather of one at least of them...
    Chris (Christos Stavridis), Thesaloniki, Greece

  3. Wish u success dear

  4. All the best My D B! lol
    I pray you hit the stars level and be the star you've dreamt of becoming.
    Thumb up as you keep your head up!


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