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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

campus94 meets kage

Hi there people!

Campus94 strives to bring you interview with young talented entrepreneurs, breaking grounds in their respective industries.

This week we were lucky to grab a quick interview with one of the most talented young designers right now,  Mr Kage, the ceo of CSKlothings.

Campus94: can we meet u please

Kage: I am Nnadichie umenze , I am an actor,graphic designer and CEO of Csklothing...I'm from a family of six,live in Lagos and school in Ghana


Campus94: How did the name Csk come about

Kage: It was made after the motive and appearance of our wears


Campus94: Can u tell us more about CSKlothing

Kage:  CSKlothing is the merge of culture and style to produce the very best clothing and accessories for u.It is aimed at redefining culture and African style one step at a time ,it is a combination of eccentric African material with regular frabics which are tailored to stand out from regular outfits .

Campus94: How do interested buyers get in contact with you

Kage : Ordering is made easy.They can either call,whatsapp or send SMS .They can also visit our pages to view the beautiful pieces we have and get more information about us
We are currently based in Nigeria, Ghana and U.S.A


Campus94: Do u run csklothing alone?

Kage: looool its not possible although I started alone and now I work with shrewd intellect ,this helps keep the designs  in vogue and appealing to the younger crowd, although our focus is not just the younger crowd but also  for all ages and gender

Campus94: So let's move to the social part...any gf

Kage: Errmmm no I'm too busy for relationships

Campus94: Your Craziest experience?

Kage: Haven't had any

Campus94: What's your advice to those that want to be like u

Kage: Be yourself, be focused and determined

Campus94: How can we contact you

Kage: Nigeria: +2348140898659
U.S.A: Email  csklothing @

campus94: Tnx for your time

Kage: You are welcome

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