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Showing posts with label entertainment news. Show all posts

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Liam Payne's "Bedroom Floor" - REACTING Live!

Mariah Carey's L.A. Home Hit in $50k Burglary

Quentin Tarantino KNEW Harvey Weinstein 'Did A Couple Of These Things'! Read His Confession In Frank New Interview!

O.J. Simpson Getting New Driver's License, Tests His Patience at DMV

Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood's Hazel-E Gives Lame Ass Apology After Saying All Gays Should 'Burn In Hell'!

Sean Young Claims Barbra Streisand Shamed Her for Calling Out Sexual Harassment

Taylor Swift Listens To My Podcast!

Hazel-E Is Sorry for Saying All Gays Should Burn In Hell

Louis C.K.'s Woody Allen-Esque Movie Drops Its Trailer — & The Timing COULDN'T Be Worse!

Harvey Weinstein, Target in LAPD Criminal Rape Investigation

Nicki Minaj Will Testify at Brother's Child Rape Trial, Which He Calls a 'Shakedown' for $25 Mil

France's Got Talent Judge Accused Of Sexual Misconduct Against NINE Women, Including A 14-Year-Old!

Steve Garvey: Dodgers Will Destroy Yanks or 'Stros ... If They Beat Cubs

13 Horror Story Murderers & Villains Who Are Based On REAL People!

Sean Penn Tries Blocking Netflix Documentary Suggesting He Ratted Out El Chapo

TMZ Live: Kevin Hart: Cashing In On Sex Tape Scandal

Jenelle Evans Is Serious About Her Threats To Quit Teen Mom 2 — WATCH!

UFC Fighter Sues Vitamin Company, You Snuck Steroids Into Workout Supplement

Andre Berto: Dana White's Right, Jon Jones Is The #1 Wasted Talent in Sports

Senator John Thune, Hollywood, D.C., It's All the Same

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