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Saturday, 1 September 2018


Institutions are certain places where some kind of learning takes place and or services rendered. Here in Nigeria we Have the university and polytechnic (federal and state owned) then we gave college of education. These institutions are places that are meant to be conducive for learning and living, yet you find out that the Institutions are lagging behind in making sure students receive those services. Out of all the 'prestigious' institutions, one major concern is the university of Benin. 'oh congrats on your admission into the university' everybody says.. 'that is one of the best schools In the country' they say, whereas it isn't so. Little did they know that those are the praises of old. Students here hardly learn a thing in such in institution, except self development. You find lectures with lot of papers and little or no experience when it comes to what is obtainable outside the four walls of the university. The hall of residence provided for the student to carry out self development is in an apologetic. It is obviously worse than the educational system of the institution. Even after hike in accommodation fee (8-17k), the state of the hall of residence hasn't improved. Taking a look at geographical location of the institution, you will understand that there is bound to massive down pour of rain even during seasons when it is meant to take a break. With that in mind, you discover that in times like the raining season, the walk ways especially the hall of residence will be Totally messed up. After the student successfully wades through the messy walk way, he or she gets into the room that has already been flooded by rain due to the leaked roof.
                     NELSON MANDELA HOSTEL
                            EKEHUAN CAMPUS
                        UNIVERSITY OF BENIN.
 Why then do we pay for accommodation if it can't be properly taken care of by the management of the university. There is little or no response when issues like this are raised but when it comes to denying students the opportunity of attending to their exams, the management is swift, even using its internal security to attend to such an issue. A campus as small as Ekehuan campus in the university of Benin is poorly managed. The issue of perforated roofs have been a predicament we as students have had to leave with during our stay in the university. Then there is the issue of light. Precisely on the 31of September 2018 we enjoyed the comfort darkness provided as she wrapped us up in her arms because we as students were given the excuse that there was no diesel to power the generator. I ask, where is the federal government's monetary allocation going to? Where does the numerous fees paid by students from undergraduate to post graduate degree go to? What if the internal revenue generated by the school? Yet we have leaking roof, poorly handled security system, poor lecture hall maintenance and indifferent school management. These and lots more are some of the numerous reasons for failure on the part of the average student. Let the school change its mode of operation, it's management system, It's educational and security system. When this is done, better students will emerge.
God bless university of Benin.
God bless Nigeria.

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