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Saturday, 21 July 2018

*innatemeditation 6ix* PEACE...

We make war

That we may live in peace.

Show me who won't love to take

Good tidings home to their people,

That they may sleep in Peace.

For those who are at war with others

Are not at peace with themselves.

*Anthonii Chinedum*

In our childhood days we heard our elders

Quote inter alia Ralph Waldo Emerson.

'The real and lasting victories

Are those of peace, and not of war.'

This peace!!!

Many have mistook for religion.

And Religion!

Is so often

The death of reason.

The quest for peace begins in the home,

In the school, in the workplace

And the society.

But first and foremost, the heart.

'The most valuable possession we can own

Is an open heart.'

To attain peace

We must actually give our liives,

Not just our possessions.

When we at last give our lives -

Bringing into alignment our beliefs

And the way we live then, and only


Can we begin to find peace.

Know this!

The most powerful weapon we can be

Are instruments of peace.

I truly hope we find peace.

godwin henry osaigbovo pa shakespeare

*may PEACE be in our favor*


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