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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Oyewole Oluwadamilola Oluwatumise

Sweet like a honey drop,

As loving as can be,

A heart the size of an ocean,

A soul filled with glee.

You're not just a siren song,

You're a lifelong symphony,

Your rhythm moves me,

To rise up, dance and sing.

I'm glad you were born today,
My beautiful birthday girl,
You make my life stunning,
And fill it with such joy.

I have many friends,
But there's one above the rest.
That one is you,
You are simply the best.

It's a friend like you,
In good times and bad,
Who asks for nothing,
Yet offers a hand.

Wherever I go in life,
There's only one thing to do,
I must have you in my heart;

"May your birthday be epic,
May you never settle for less,
May your special day be special,
May you be blessed with the best.
May your dreams never die,
May your wishes come true,
May your birthday be ageless,
May you be born anew."

As you grow up, may you find...
Hope before despair,
Passion before boredom,
Love before loss,
Joy before sorrow,
Peace before turmoil.

It's s a great age to take chances,
And do all you want to do,

Your creativity knows no bounds,
What you need is right in you.

Your wisdom is wiser than ever,
Your spirit is bolder than bold,

Your humor is more humorous,
There's just no time to be old.

It's your BIRTHDAY once more,
You should feel very special,
And let your spiriit soar.
Celebrate every moment,

There's no time to be blue,
Today is your birthday,
Today is all about you,
I Wish you the very best.

May you always find Happiness.

"With Love From Hero To Candyie"

Godwin Henry Osaigbovo (Pa Shakespeare)

For SpearePoetry®



Oyewole Oluwadamilola Oluwatumise


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