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Friday, 9 March 2018

Big Brother Naija: Ahneeka talks 'attraction' to Teddy A and K.Brule

Ahneeka attraction to Teddy A and K.Brule Big Brother Naija

"Outside of his looks, Teddy A falls flat to me" - Ahneeka on her supposed "attraction" to Teddy A.

Ahneeka has talked to Pulse about her supposed 'attraction' to fellow Big Brother Naija housemates, Teddy A and K.Brule.

During a Facebook Live interview with Pulse, a fan mentioned that the evicted housemate had told Biggie that she had feelings for fellow housemates, Teddy A and K.Brule.

In response to the comment, Ahneeka told Pulse that apart from Teddy's looks, which she admits makes him the hottest guy in the house, the up-and-coming musician falls flat to her.

Talking about her relationship with K.Brule, Ahneeka said she had connected with the disqualified housemate because, just like K.Brule, she knows what it means to be downtrodden.

Read the interview below:

On having feelings for K.Brule


Can you guys bring the Ahneeka that was in the house because I don't know what you guys are talking about? 

I just connected to K.Brule because he just was cute. Not just physically, the guy is cute; spirit and looks. Also, I don't know if I'm a sucker for a lost cause, but I just like people who are downtrodden and people like to step on them.

I just like to know that "yo, you're not alone' because I have felt like that in my life, and I just like to relate with those kind of people.

K.Brule is nice, he is so nice. His spirit is so true, so  I just connected with him on that level.

On feelings for Teddy A


Teddy is probably the hottest guy in the house because he is very tall and likes to swag it up. But, outside of that, Teddy falls flat to me.

I don't see Teddy as... Please just play your game and come out of there, nothing else. You're cute, but mmm... Bye Felicia. 

I didn't tell Biggie that I was in love with Teddy A.  I probably was complaining that I couldn't connect to Teddy because of Bambam.

For some reason in the house, anytime I tried to talk to any guy in the house, people made it look like I was trying to steal their man. And Bambam was my girl so I couldn't have her thinking like that, even though at some point she did. 

So I was staying away from Teddy and he was making it known that I was being too reserved - It's because of your [Teddy A] babe [Bambam].

I could flow with you, you could be my G, but I'm just respectful to your babe and not to start some drama in the house.

So that was just my concern. I couldn't connect to the guys because of their wives.

Before her exit from the Big Brother Naija house, Ahneeka was strategically paired with Rico, and then Angel.

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