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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Lifestyle: Top 5 beaches outside Lagos you should visit in 2018

Kuramo beach is now a major tourist destination in Lagos, with major hotels now situated in the area.

Going to these places will make appreciate work of nature.

Leisure and funfair are parts of life and these 5 beaches are the best destination for this purpose out the busy environment of Lagos.

Nigeria is blessed with some beautiful coastlines. As a result, there are places with golden sand and serene seashores where picnic, sunbathing and other recreational activities are best suited.

For people living and working in Lagos, a visit to the beach is a regular activity but this cannot be said of those in other parts of the country.

So, for people considering nature exploration and would love to see what a beach looks like in parts of Nigeria aside Lagos, here are 5 beaches which should be on your visit list.

1.    Unwana and Ndibe Golden Sand beaches, Ebonyi state

In Ebonyi state – Eastern part of Nigeria, there are two different locations with golden sand beach – Unwana and Ndibe.

The locations are suitable for a picnic, boat cruising and sports fishing.

2.    Asaba beach, Delta state

There is also a beach in Asaba, Delta state with a beautiful scenery. It is surrounded by palm trees, rock formations and white sand creeks.

3.    Patigi beach, Kwara state

The Patigi beach is located in Kwara state, north-central Nigeria. It is situated along River Niger.

The place is an ideal location for nature exploration, especially fishing activities.

4.    Beyin beach, Cross Rivers state

Calabar as a major tourist destination in Nigeria and it also has a good beach to meet the need of its visitors. Beyin beach is a unique spot with a large space.

Boat cruising and swimming are popular activities witnessed on the beach.

5.    Finima beach, Rivers state

Finima beach is located on Bonny Island and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is a major relaxation spot for expatriates working in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

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