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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Locate students accommodation with ease around Nigerian campuses

Well I remember when I was was first offered admission into Uniben, oh my Lord, it was one of the happiest days of my life. I had been trying to secure admission for the past 3yrs, and when I finally got it, it was like winning the lottery. I was excited about the whole new experience to behold.
I had a ton of questions.
Who were going to be my coursemates? were they going to be nice? how will I be dressing up for classes, corporate or hip like? What about other social activities on campus? what groups will I join? How will I make friends? Will people like me??
Where would I stay?!!

These were some of the questions I had to battle with.
Well the day came when I had to travel down to Benin to begin my undergraduate life, I had everything figured out.
School fees, acceptance fee, extra cash for all those other small small clearance expenses.
Everything was set,

Everything Except "where I was going to stay!!"

I was new to Benin, even though originally I am from Edo state, I have never really been to Benin before.
I planned on staying off campus, I liked my privacy, and from the stories my already admitted friends tell me about school, hostel is trouble, so much restrictions and alot of people to finish your food.

My parents had asked me how much I was going to need for accommodation but I couldn't give them a definite figure. I had no idea, how much accommodation would cost around Uniben. I had gone online to surf the web but nothing! No real comprehensive website or platform where one can get an idea just how much it will cost you to stay off campus. To cut the long story short, I ended up budgeting less than I actually needed, I was pushed from one agent to another, paying nonsense "Registering fee" of N2k before even seeing the house and at the end of it all, end up not liking it because it's not what I am looking for, in summary house hunting was a nightmare.

I finally got a place on sheer luck.
It was not what I had hoped for but what can I say? I cannot continue the stress, I was staying at my uncle's place in Benin, the place was like 1hr from my school and that's excluding evening traffic at ring road when going back home at night after clearance stress o, I was spending approximately 1k daily on t-fare alone.
Abeg I had to settle for the not so good place I got close to school.

Thousands of students go through this house hunting stress all across Nigerian campuses.

That is why this new website


is just the thing we need to help reduce the stress in student accommodation hunting.

The website is exclusively dedicated to making students accommodation searching easy.
On this website, all you have to do is visit mycampusagent.com on your mobile phone and select your school of choice to see accommodation available for rent around your Campus, with pictures.
You can even find people looking for roommates or wanting to sell Hostel spaces.

Anybody can join the website to upload apartments or rooms for rent, find Roomates or even sell of their Hostel spaces.

It's easy to use really.
The website officially launches this November 1st 2017.

However the website is live now though and you can check it out

Thank me later...

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