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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Tension in Benin as Uniben Student gets Arrested

News reaching us just now, a 400l student of the University of Benin,department of  Mass communication, by the name  Jegede Joseph during the late hours of sunday 15th January 2017,was arrested and detained at the Benin City police station located at Ring road, the centre of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria.

It was said that jegede Joseph was involved in a fight with a police man after Jegede tried taking his photos and he refused which later resulted to the  beating and arrest of Jegede.

The news got everyone in shock, because anyone who knows  Jegede, knows him to be a student who wouldn't hurt a fly as he is very gentle, dresses decently and is friendly amongst his pair.

Jegede, for those of us who do not know was recently veying for the seat of the Mass Communication Student Association (MACSA) presidential office, which was later canceled and rescheduled due to some inhouse issues within the Macsa electoral committee after it was announced that his opponent, David (DVD) was said to have won the election by one vote.

Students are not finding this funny and are preparing to match down to the police station and demand for the release of Mr Jegede but the police threw tear gas at the students and chased them with their guns and stick. It's really serious.

It's not common news that policemen in Nigeria can sometimes behave anyhow and just randomly arrest innocent and unlocking victims so they can extort money from them and if shown any ounce of revolt, tag them as criminals.  It's so sad. I hope everything is settled and he is back to school soon.

What a way to kick off the year...

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