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Saturday, 17 September 2016

A Poem by 300level Uniben student gets Recognized as one of The Top 100 poems in the World 2016

Hi there, it is with great pleasure that we at Campus94 will be sharing this news story with you as it is a feat we would want to encourage the younger generation to aim at.

There is a popular saying which goes thus; 'reach for the stars...', well I can gladly say that this young lady has definitely got her hands pretty hooked on a star if you ask me.

A 300 level mass communication student of the University of Benin, Nigeria, Eden Benibo, is been recognized by the International Poetry Organization as her poem 'Inside Out'  has been enlisted as one of the Top 100 poems in the world.

I know it's hard to believe since we have a lot of young talented writers all over the world and how is it possible that Ms. Eden's poem is part of the top 100 poems in the World? let's clear your doubts.

The International Poetry Organization is a body that selects and award the best poems and spoken words by young writers annually from journals around the world and Ms. Eden who in a quest to be better submitted her poem 'Inside Out' to the Ever Green Poetry Journals, New York, USA as they were requesting for poems from up and coming writers to be considered for publication. Eden Benibo poem was later selected by the Ever Green Poetry Journal and her poem was published In the US, which was later selected by the International Poetry as one of the top 100 poems in the world. We had a chat with Eden and she shared a email confirming her new status,below.

Eden who also participated and came in second place  in the Flash fiction competition, where different  writers show off their writing prowess,  post it online, and the story with the  highest votes wins.  The competition was hosted by Campus94 and it was an initiative of the department student association, Macsa of the University of Benin.

Now a Lot of people may have given up on writing especially in Nigeria where the state of the economy is driving us away from books to becoming labourers, but with a gem like Eden, has proven that we can still make things happen.

We want to say a big congratulations to Eden Benibo as this marks the beginning of greater things. You have made Nigeria and Africa proud and I hope you get the recognition you deserve.

Check out the poem 'Inside Out'  by Eden Benibo.


When the prize,
Seeks for the price;
Afraid of the cuts,
It would cost

When the cub refuses to roar;
The lion in him crawls to soar
When the antidote shys from being used;
Her worth is only abused
When the heroine sits with arms fold;
The enemies stand with the morning on hold
Alas! Defeat has bitten so hard,
Now ready to play the action card
To be the arrow in the bow;
The seed of change I must sow
To be the trigger in the gun;
Even if drained by obstacle's sun

Now ready!
Ready for that death;
That brings life
Ready to fight that war;
That brings peace!


You can connect with Eden on
Facebook - Benibo Eden
Instagram - Itz_Eden1

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